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10 Scariest Haunted Places To Visit Around The World (You Can't Come Alone)

10 Scariest Haunted Places To Visit Around The World (You Can't Come Alone)

آخر تحديث : Thu 26 Nov 2020
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If you are one of those individuals who get excited when they find out there is a hunted place near you that you must check out then this article is so for you. Today we are going to be talking about some of the most hunted places around the globe that have been haunted for centuries now. Most people when hearing about a hunted place they think that it is an abandoned building filled with dust and spider webs and haven’t been used for decades but in reality, the most hunted places around the globe are actually restaurants, bar and other business buildings.

Things to do before visiting a haunted place

There are individuals that would never set foot in a hunted place whereas there are also those individuals that just love to visit the haunted houses and buildings in the area. Well if you are planning on visiting a haunted place then before you start looking for scary places to visit there are certain things that you must keep in mind before going on entering the premises.

  • Be present with all your senses

Make sure that you are not drunk or high before visiting the place because you don’t want to pass out during the hunt. Haunted houses can mess up your senses in all kinds of way, from your sense of sight to your sense of touch to make sure that you don’t add fuel to the fire by getting high or drunk. شاركي مع ستات دوت كوم بموضوعاتك

  • Take the warning sign seriously

If there is a warning sign then take it seriously. Don’t mess around in the place without having the proper gear because you don’t want to mess with the ghosts, yes they are real according to a lot of people who claim that they have seen them. Well, you will notice some paranormal activity in the place so make sure you are alert and have company.

  • Make sure you are hydrated

Haunted houses can be quite scary at times so it is always better to be hydrated before going there. No matter how excited you get about visiting the haunted place you will always get scared. Fear is a powerful feeling and it can make you quite thirsty so it is better to keep a water bottle with you while you visit the place.

  • Get something in your stomach

Most people tend to throw up or at least feel dizzy when they visit a hunted place. Imagine an empty stomach plus the intense atmosphere with cold spots and dark places and weird mental and physical stimulation along with the abject fear of getting abducted by a ghost or a serial killer. All this will make your dizzy so it is always better to get something light in your stomach.

  • Don’t force someone to go

Well, haunted places can be quite scary so do not force anyone to go if they do not want to. Haunted places can cause serious medical conditions as well so it is always better not to force a friend to come with you if he or she is scared of the paranormal activities.

Haunted Places Around the World for You to Visit

Well, there are hundreds of haunted places around the globe but let us look at some of the most haunted places around the globe that should be on your list of haunted places to visit. So let us look at some of the ghostly castles, haunted pubs and paranormal hotels and restaurants around the globe.

1: Château de Brissac, Maine-et-Loire, France

Château de Brissac

The castle of Brissac was built back in the 15th century by one of the ministers of King Charles VII. It is currently known as the Giant of the Loire Valley because it is the highest standing castle in France. The most active ghost in the castle is called the La Dame Verte which means the Green lady. Apparently the green lady was the illegitimate kid of King Charles. She was murdered by her husband in the last 15th century after he caught her cheating in the chateau. She is often seen and heard in the tower room of the chapel in her green dress.

2: Monte Cristo Homestead, New South Wales, Australia

Monte Cristo Homestead

This Victorian mansion was built in 1876 by a wealthy landowner known as Christopher William Crawley. It is most haunted place in the whole of Australia which now operates as a bread and breakfast. You can choose to spend the night there if you brave enough to sleep after hearing the ghost story from the employees. There are multiple ghost stories related to the place but the most popular one is about a boy who was chained for 40 years after he was seen crawled up next to his dead mother’s body. Along with the young boy and other boy who was burned roams the mansion.

3: Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

Bhangarh Fort

There are quite a number for forts in India that are haunted but the most famous one is the Bhangarh Fort that was built back in the 17th century in Rajasthan. Now the place is an archeological site knows as the House of Ghost and visitors are not allowed to enter the fort after night fall. There two stories that are linked to the fort. One is about a wizard called Singhia, who tried to give magical oil to the love of his life, a princess named Ratnavati but the magic went all wrong when she threw the oil on him and it turned into a boulder and killed him. Before dying he cursed the inhabitants of the castle to death with no hope of rebirth.

4: Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town, South Africa

Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town

The castle of Good Hope located in city of Cape Town is the oldest standing structure of South Africa. The building was built by the East India Company back in the 17th century and now is famous around the globe for being an archeological site along with being haunted. The castle is now a place for tourists to visit and enjoy their days whereas many visitors have reported that they have witnessed ghost sitting in the place. There is the famous ghost of a green lady who is seen running around the castle with her head in her hand and a dog that barks at the visitors and then vanishes into thin air.


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