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What Should You Follow? 'Dirty Keto' vs 'Clean Keto' Diet (Secrets Revealed)

What Should You Follow? 'Dirty Keto' vs 'Clean Keto' Diet (Secrets Revealed)

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We all have heard of the keto diet that a mixture of low carbohydrates and high-fat diet. It is believed to provide a human body with a lot of benefits which is why it is quite famous among the chubby people or people that just want to lose weight and maintain their desired figure. Not only has keto diet proved to be helpful in losing weight but it also helps the individual with many health benefits such as diabetes, cancer, epilepsy and Alzheimer's disease. Other than the keto diet there is another diet plan as well that is quite the opposite of keto diet which is why it is termed as the Dirt keto. In terms of purpose both the diet plans promote the same eating habits which is low carbs and high fats but there is a huge difference between the other aspects of the regular keto diet and the dirty keto diet so let us look at what exactly dirty keto is and whether you should try it or not.

“The human body is a miraculous self-healing machine, but those self-repair systems require a nutrient-dense diet.” — Joel Fuhrman

What is Dirty Keto Diet Plan?

When you compare dirty keto with the regular keto in terms of the purpose then there is no clear difference. Both the diet plans promote low carbs keto diet but the difference between the two is that dirty keto is lazy keto whereas when you practice dirty keto then you have to work hard in terms of what you eat. Dirty keto means that you will consume 75% fats, around 20% proteins and a very small portion of carbohydrates on the daily basis and due to the shortage of carbs in your body, your body with the shift to a metabolic state that is known as the ketosis. During this metabolic state your body starts breaking down fats in your body for the refueling so instead of the carbs, the fats become the source of energy for the body. In the past years, dirty keto has gained some popularity over the internet. According to many, it is much easier to follow as compared to the clean keto diet plus there is no shame in losing weight and eating what you like. Dirty keto is the fast way of losing weight by consuming premade, packed food instead of the homemade cooked food. شاركي مع ستات دوت كوم بموضوعاتك

Dirty Keto vs. The Clean Keto

If you are doing a thing where you compare both the keto diets, dirty keto vs. clean keto, you will notice that both the diet plans have the same breakdown of nutrients that you must consume but the major difference between the two is that in terms of clean keto diet you will have to consume organic foods whereas in dirty keto there are no restrictions on where those macro-nutrients come from. So by now you should be clear about the difference between the two diet plans. Both aims for the same purpose but in terms of consumption, there is a huge difference between the two diet plans. When we talk about the clean keto food list we are talking about organic foods such as vegetables, meat form grass-eating animals, sugar-free smoothies, olive oil or coconut olive and etc. But when it comes to dirty keto food list there is nothing that you can’t consume. Instead of eating the organic foods you can consume your fats from cheese burgers, bacon, pork, and other high-fat dairy products so it doesn’t matter where the fats come from in the dirty keto diet.

Disadvantages of Dirty Keto

Even though dirty keto sounds tempting and helps you lose weight fast and effectively there are still certain drawbacks that come with the diet plan. The main focus of dirty keto diet is on macronutrients, you might be consuming the right amount of macro nutrient son daily basis but you will be mixing out some major micronutrients such as Vitamins, Minerals and certain enzymes and proteins that are not produced by your body Micro Nutrients are as important to your health as the macronutrients. In order to have a healthy balanced diet, you need to consume both micro and macronutrients because micronutrients help your body function properly so it would be stupid not to consume them. Micronutrients help strengthen your immune system, provide strength to weak bones, prevent aging and fight off other oxidants in your body that might cause it harm. Along with that it also helps your skin look better so there is no way one should cut out on micronutrients.

How dirty keto helps in weight loss?

Yes, dirty keto has helped many when it comes to losing weight but the problem with that weight loss is that it is not permanent. The moment you get off the diet and start consuming normal foods again you will regain the fat plus the diet also causes bloating, inflammation and craving. In dirty keto, most individuals consume processed foods but the problem with that is that such foods are packed with sodium because it acts as a preservative and adds flavor to the food items. The problem is that a high level of sodium in your body can cause puffiness and bloating and can lead to high blood pressure so it is better to avoid it.

Should You try the Dirty Keto Diet

Well yes, you can try dirty keto if you want to lose weight fast. It is an open option but you might lose the weight but your hair will not look good, your skin will be tough and rigid, your body will not process normally because of the low level of micronutrients and ultimately you will suffer from some kind of deficiency. It is better to try healthy keto instead of the dirty keto. Yes, we know that it is convenient but it is also bad for your health so don’t abuse yourself just to look perfect. Work hard and do your best to avoid dirty keto in order to live a happy and balanced life.


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