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Complete Guide to the 3-Day Military Diet Plan

Complete Guide to the 3-Day Military Diet Plan

آخر تحديث : Thu 26 Nov 2020
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We all have been looking for some kind of a miracle diet plan that can help us lose weight and fast which is why you must have searched the web for some of the diet plans that would work for you and that is where you must have heard the name of the military diet plan.

Many people think that the military diet plan is associated with the military which is why all the military men and women are so fit but that is not true. Military diet plan has no link with the military in actual, it is just a name given to the diet plan because of the outcome that it provides.

The problem with most diet plans is that the moment that you stop using the diet you immediately gain weight and that we believe that this might be the case with all the diet plans no matter how much the dietitian promises that it will help you. So today tell us go through the 3 day military diet plan and understand what it actually is and whether it is for you or not.شاركي مع ستات دوت كوم بموضوعاتك

What is the Military Diet Plan?

The 3-day military diet plan is a short term plan that focuses on reducing weight but lowering the amount of calories that you intake on daily basis instead of going for the long run and the extensive workouts. The word 3 in the name of the diet plan says it all. The limit is restricted to only 3 days so almost anyone can carry it out

Most people question does the military diet plan work without exercise or not. The amazing thing about the 3-day diet plan is that you can have the body of a militant without actually going or attending a boot camp so no heavy workouts for you but if you prefer to work out with the plan then go ahead to lose some extra calories but if you don’t work out then there is nothing to worry about.

How Does the Military Diet Plan Work?

This weight loss method works by controlling the amount of calories that you intake instead of making you work out like a crazy person. According to the 3-day military diet plan reviews that we have gotten in the past, people carry out the plan for 3 days and then have a 4-5 day break and then carry it out again. The most common ratio is between 4 to 5 times in a month.

Individuals have lost up to 30lbs in a month by simply following the diet plan. The key aspect of the diet is that rather than working on burning your calories the diet helps you develop a routine in which you only consume the 1100 to 1400 calories that your require in order to stay healthy and fit. By simply following the 3 day plan you can get used to the whole idea over time and maintain your body shape.

Who should try the Military Diet Plan?

The question here is that who should try out the plan? Diet plans vary from person to persons o not everyone should try out the 3-day military diet plan. There is a clear difference between following a diet and starving yourself to death. People who can fight hunger and resist the hunger pangs for at least three days should try the plan out if they want to lose weight fast for a wedding or a birthday.

Can People with a Medical Condition follow the Diet Plan?

People that are sick or diagnosed with some kind of medical condition should avoid the plan if their doctor doesn’t allow them to carry out the plan. The diet follows strict amount of calories that maybe not be enough for your condition so it is always better to check it out with your doctor.

What age is Optimal for this Diet Plan?

Just like that individuals that are above the age of 50 shouldn’t try the diet plan as low intake of calories at that age can be quite dangerous can cause serious problems for you. In short people that are healthy but just over weight can use the diet plan to lose those extra calories.

What is the 3-day Military Diet Menu?

In order to answer the question that people regularly ask does the 3-day military diet work or not, one must understand that all diet plans can only work if you properly follow the instructions and not do whatever you feel like. So let us look at the menu of the 3-day diet plan or the food that you can eat during the diet plan.

  • Bananas
  • Bread (whole-wheat), in small amounts
  • Carrots
  • Coffee
  • Eggs
  • Grapefruit
  • Hot dogs
  • Ice cream
  • Meat
  • Saltine crackers
  • Tea
  • Tuna

Other than these you must avoid all kinds of junk food and heavy foods such as sugars, creams, milk, fruit juices and etc. it is always better t follow the plan to get the best results in the end. It is just 3 days so why not follow the diet menu instead of complaining.

Things to keep in mind when following the 3-Day Military Diet Plan

The key aspect that you must keep in mind here is that whether you choose the 3 day military diet plan or the 3-day diet plan substitutions to lose the extra weight to fit in the dress or look good for your birthday is that it is only temporary. With all the diet plans the problem is that they are not permanent. The moment you stop with the diet you will gain back the weight so if you clearly want to lose weight for good then it is better to change your lifestyle and stick to the healthy one that you choose for yourself.

Diet plans are only there to help you get used to the low consumption of calories on regular basis. Eating healthy and starving is quite different so diet plans are not your long term solution. So good luck with your ride to weight loss and remember eat less but healthy!


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